The Improvised Shakespeare Company

The Onion

Anyone who still needs convincing that improv can produce an independent piece of capital-A Art would do well to see The Improvised Shakespeare Company. This cast of visiting Chicagoans produces entire plays utilizing the standard tropes and antiquated language of Shakespeare. As a team, it’s a complete package: Some are great at verse and don’t mind being pimped into producing it; some are adept at miraculously finding connections between storylines that have wandered too far afield; and some, like new New Yorker Thomas Middleditch, are just inherently watchable whether they’re playing maidens or cows. The company can go profound and poetic, or it can roll in the muck with the groundlings, so neither laughter nor amazement is short in supply.

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3rd My Refuge House Benefit Show!

Much Ado for My Refuge House: An Evening with The Improvised Shakespeare Co.® A benefit show in LOS ANGELES, CA for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation MUCH ADor MY REFUGE HOUSEAn Evening with The Improvised Shak...

ISC in the LA Times

Lisa Rosen, of the LA Times, sat down with your favorite Elizabethan boy band to dish about the "mad genius" of The ISC and the "Beatlemaniacal" scene at the Largo in Los Angeles...oh, and Menudo! Read all abo...

"staggeringly brilliant"

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"Smart, sophisticated, downright hilarious"

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